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Personal Mission Statement

Lead a life dedicated to the service of others, remain honest and act with integrity in all my doings, continue to seek adventure in new places, always persevere through the hardest of times, and be mindful that God is in control and will guide me along the way. 


Mitch joined the Army in 2005 when he was 17 years old. It has given him many opportunities and challenges. He volunteered to go to Iraq in 2007 and he volunteered to go to Afghanistan in 2010. He is still enlisted in the Army.

Mitch started his own business in 2012 and is always willing to consider new business opportunities if its purpose is to help others in some way.

Mitch started studying personal financial planning in 2014 and will graduate in 2018. He will become an accredited financial counselor and a certified financial planner.



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